about us

Golnoor is recognized as one of the leading lighting industries in the Middle East. For three decades, we have been alongside you, embracing modern technologies and maintaining the quality of our products with the aim of improving the quality of life. Throughout this journey, our relentless efforts to elevate standards and introduce new innovations have earned us a special place in the hearts of our customers. With your trust, we will take even firmer steps towards a brighter future

Addressing your needs

It's a changing world, and we're changing along with it. To bring you the latest in digital innovation, we are pushing technology forward with inventive lighting solutions. From the very beginning, our goal has been to make the lighting as efficient as possible for the customer while still meeting all lighting requirements and possibilities. With a comprehensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting, Golnoor can meet the needs of wholesalers, contractors, specifiers, and end users. Customers can now conserve energy while creating amazing lighting experiences.

A diverse and inclusive workplace

The right blend of diversity and excellence. To design the best lighting solutions and vibrant spaces, we collaborate with the most talented architects, lighting designers, engineers, and interior designers. Golnoor lighting's family keeps growing...

+1000 Company Employees
+65000 Square Meter facility
+30 Export Countries
+30 Years of Experience

An emphasis on quality and the environment

Having carefully planned, manufactured, and tested our products, we ensure reliable performance throughout their lifespan, minimize their environmental impact, and create pleasant environments. Quality is at the core of what we do. Our products are environmentally friendly and give special consideration to human needs. Our goal is to protect natural resources as well as human resources in a sustainable way to ensure long-term abundance.

Equipment and Technical Advantage

The Middle East's largest outdoor lighting workshop includes
One of the most developed metal-structure workshops for producing lighting poles and masts, including the following
An accredited laboratory that meets national and international standards for testing
International cooperation with the most reputable companies